You want what is best for your child, including the best pediatric dentist. Listed here are questions we recommend you ask of our pediatric dentists to help you determine the best oral health course for your child.

  1. When should my child’s first checkup be?You want to have your child seen by a pediatric dentist as early as you can. While this is typically before your child’s first birthday, you will still want to find out what age is best for them.

    2. How do I clean baby teeth?A toothbrush may be too harsh for baby teeth, find out what your pediatric dentist would recommend as an alternative.

    3. Will pacifiers damage his teeth? A pediatric dentist would know what damage pacifiers or bottles may cause.

    4. How old should he be before using toothpaste? What kind of toothpaste should I use? Some toothpaste can harm children if enough is swallowed.

    5. What food or drinks are more harmful to his teeth? This is important because some foods contain acids that will take the enamel off of your child’s teeth.

    6. What credentials do you have? This is something you should know. You want an expert for your child.

    7. What type of procedures do you perform on children? Find out the different procedures and what each one entails.

    8. What are the dangers of dental anesthesia? Become informed about any potential risks or hazards.

  2. What credentials does the staff providing anesthesia have?It is equally important to know the credentials of the staff providing anesthesia.

    10. Does your staff have training for emergency situations?Find out about the emergency training and have the pediatric dentist explain in detail what training they have.


    These are just some of the questions you might ask your child’s dentist. Make sure that you know everything about them, including their years in the field. Question their knowledge, as well. You want your child to be safe and happy with their pediatric dentist, after all.


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