The sooner you get your child comfortable with visiting the kids dentist, the more likely they are to come back in a frequent manner. Try to get the first dental visit out of the way before they are a year old.

A great way to familiarize dental surroundings to your child is to have a trial visit. This is a trip you take to the dentist’s office without actually getting any work done there. For example, your child can see the offices, the waiting room, the procedure rooms, and meet the kids dentist. Such trips can help foster positive association in a child’s mind.

Take that first trip during a time when your child is in a good mood. If you know your baby gets grumpy during the late afternoon, do not schedule a kids dentist trip during this period. They will end up having a bad experience and that could put them off dentists for a long time.

Even though it is hard to believe, young children are very perceptive to the emotions of those around them. If a parent is scared of taking their kid to the kids dentist, the child is likely to exhibit signs of fear as well. Parents should be confident, excited, and informed when they take their child to the kids dentist for the first time.

Sometimes kids will try to scare each other about the dentist by telling horror stories that involve blood and a lot of pain. This might intimidate your child before he or she visits the kids dentist. Reassure them by explaining that toddlers and young children rarely have serious dental procedures performed. Most toddlers get a routine check-up that is painless and only takes a few minutes.

If you have any questions about dental hygiene for your child, make sure you ask the kids dentist during that first visit. It is best to make a list with all these questions so that you do not forget anything in the moment.

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