The urge to get teeth whitened is popular among everyone, even tweens and teens. Sometimes parents of young children will wonder whether a teeth whitening procedure is safe for their child. A lot of parents end up getting professional grade teeth whitening procedures done on their children, without consulting a dentist first.

There are so many teeth whitening kits, with some allowing you to perform the procedure at home. Using these kits, or getting teeth whitening done at a non-dentist location, is a huge mistake. Some of the chemicals included in the teeth whitening solutions can be dangerous for the gums and teeth of young children. They can cause severe damage to gums, nerves and other parts of the mouth.

Speak with a Dentist –

If you are seriously considering a teeth whitening procedure for your child, it is imperative that you speak with a dentist first. The dentist will take a quick look at your child’s mouth and determine whether they are a good fit for a whitening procedure.

For example, teeth whitening chemicals do not mix well with fillings or veneers. In addition, cracked teeth, cavities and gum disease can be made worse through these bleaching solutions.

Sometimes there is a simple explanation for why your son or daughter has teeth that are not perfectly white. It may be their diet, lack of brushing and flossing, or a specific antibiotic that caused the change in color. The dentist can recommend other solutions for getting your teeth in tip top shape that do not involve intense bleaching chemicals.

Even if your child is a good candidate for whitening, it is recommended that such a procedure be performed after the age of 13. Children usually have a complete set of permanent teeth by this age.

If a parent wants to be cautious, they should wait until a child is 15 or 16 before allowing them to bleach their teeth. Sometimes teeth do not fully develop until that age and bleaching can interfere with that process.


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