Your toddler may only have a handful of little teeth, but your kids dentist will tell you, it’s not too early to start preventing cavities. Starting good dental hygiene as soon as your little one gets his first tooth is important. Here are tips on preventing cavities in toddlers.
Control Bedtime Bottles

If your child is still using a bottle, don’t allow him to take it to bed. Drinking a little milk, formula, or juice throughout the night will bathe his teeth in cavity-causing liquid. If he must have a bottle, fill it with water.

Banish All-day Sippy Cups

Give your child a sippy cup at meal and snack times but don’t allow him to carry it around for hours at a time unless it only contains water.

Reduce Sugar

Fruit juice, whether it is 100 percent juice or not, contains fructose or other sugars that can harm the teeth if not immediately removed. Also cut back how much refined sugar, desserts, and sugary treats your little one eats; doing so will not only protect his teeth but will improve his diet.

Brush Twice Daily

Every morning and evening, brush your child’s teeth with a pea-size amount of children’s toothpaste, which is formulated to be safe if he swallows a little.

Use Fluoride

Find out whether your water supply is fluoridated. If it is not, ask your Kids dentist about fluoride supplements.

Visit The Kids Dentist

Take your child to the dentist twice a year. The hygienist will clean his teeth and the dentist will make sure teeth are developing as they should. The experience will also get your child comfortable with visiting the Kids dentist.

Ask About Sealants

Once your child nears his third birthday, your kids dentist may consider sealing the grooved surfaces of his teeth to protect them from cavity-causing bacteria.

Follow these steps and you will not only reduce the chance of your toddler developing cavities, you will set your child on track for a lifetime of healthy oral habits.


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