Covering Damaged Teeth

A child with a severely decayed or damaged tooth requires a dental crown to provide a sturdy biting surface. Crowns located close to the front of the mouth are made with color matching composite materials to give a child a beautiful smile. A crown in the back of the mouth is frequently created from metallic substances instead to last longer while a child chews harder foods. Old-fashioned crowns are made of substances such as mercury that leach into the body over many years. Many people believe that a crown made from the same materials designed for an adult’s dental crown is dangerous for children.

Strong Ceramic Material

This has led to the EZ-Pedo Crown created by Dr. John P. Hansen and Dr. Jeffery P. Fisher from zirconia crystals. Zirconia is a strong ceramic substance that remains white during the process of making a customized crown. After the tooth is made to fit perfectly in a child’s mouth, it is dyed to match other teeth located nearby. The specialized process of manufacturing an EZ-Pedo Crown leads to an attractive but long lasting dental restoration that helps to maintain a child’s self-esteem and oral health. Not only are these custom-made crowns durable, the restorations are also affordable.

Easy Color Matching

The Company that created EZ-Pedo Crowns makes it simple for dentists to order and apply the restorations to children’s damaged teeth by providing informative online videos explaining the process. Dental insurance companies are willing to reimburse for these affordable crowns as a child grows, including the occasional replacement. Dentists find it easy to match the color of the zirconia to a child’s other teeth, making dental visits quicker. After five years of clinical trials, the EZ-Pedo Crown is considered a highly desirable restoration dental appliance for children.


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